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While most employees in business establishments receive a yearly review, the feedback they receive from these meetings may not always be the most beneficial for the duration of the entire year if they are not met with on a regular basis. However, if employees receive consistent feedback and coaching, it could greatly impact growth and improvement, both for the individual and the company as a whole. Taking just a few minutes to implement the following strategies (it doesn’t have to be a huge time crunch!) to assist in employee development can transcend the role of manager into a mentor, as well as produce long-term results and phenomenal employees.

Be Consistent

Create a plan and stick to it. If you are unavailable to commit a dedicated amount of time to a mentee and see the process through until the end, there is no value in the service you are providing. By being consistent and setting up goals and regular check-ins, you are fostering the development and progression of goals for your mentee, and ultimately, keeping them engaged in their overall goal and contribution to the company.

Implement Model Behavior

Bottom line, make sure you are leading by example. If you slack off and don’t follow through with your responsibilities, your employees won’t either. Ensure you are demonstrating the ethics, value, and standards that you expect by aligning your attitude and actions to demonstrate them. Depending on the size of the team and business, this may require building layers of mentors throughout the company.

Don’t Tell, Teach

Rather than giving team members direct answers, search for learning opportunities and ask them questions and give them assignments in return. This will encourage employees to think critically and problem-solve on their own. Additionally, share your knowledge and experiences among the group so they are better able to learn, grow, and develop on multiple levels.

Create Connections

Networking in this day and age is essential to growing your business. Be sure to keep an eye open for opportunities for your mentees that will allow them to achieve their professional goals. Connect them with people in your network and vouch for them during management meetings, always giving credit where it’s due.