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Every organization, whether it is a business, a workgroup, or a class project, has a boss. A leader within the group is less frequent. Depending on which one guides the group will ultimately decide what will be achieved and how. So, what is the difference between the two? Read on to discover the characteristics of a boss versus a leader.

A Boss Will Tell You What To Do

A leader will teach you how to do it and why it matters. Leaders focus on long-term solutions, not a quick fix, so they will ensure you understand why you are doing the task at hand in addition to learning how to do it. This results in sustainable learning and self-reliance.

A Boss Is A Subject Matter Expert

A leader is an expert on emotions and people. Leaders are sensitive, but able to control their reaction to feelings or situations. This allows them to be phenomenal strategists for conflict resolution among their team.

A Boss Needs You To Perform

A leader wants you to succeed and wants you to feel successful even if you failed at something. A leader is able to link individual success to the success of those they lead, while a boss needs you to perform well so they succeed. A boss thinks only for him or herself, while a leader thinks in the terms of we.

A Boss Depends on Authority

A leader is independent of authority and position and instead depends on influence. A leader does not need the power to control the team, while a boss heavily relies on their positional power to make an impact on their employees.

A Boss Builds Fear

A leader builds confidence and trust so that you will tell them what they need to hear. Leaders recognize that trust is crucial to be influential and build success within the group. Bosses will build fear and condition employees to tell them only what they want to hear.

A Boss Measures Success By A Title

A leader measures their success by the passion and impact they had on the people they influences. A leader influences others anywhere and everywhere, while a boss is focused on achieving a higher title or rank within the business.

A Boss Always Wants To Be Your Boss

A leader wants you to surpass them and do better than they did. A boss will not build you up to your full potential in the event you become better at their job than them. A leader will proudly help you achieve your goals and help build a career plan with you to make it happen.