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Being a manager is one of the most overwhelming positions in an organization. A manager is entrusted with the leadership role and overseeing of other employees. Individuals with several years of experience may adapt faster to the job, but newly promoted managers face many challenges. The following are six tips new managers can adopt to get the best out of their team:


1) Learn Leadership Skills


Leaders possess unique skills that enable them to bring people together. Every manager should be able to deal well with all employees. Various development books and websites can put knowledge on leadership skills in new managers’ minds.


2) Prepare Before the Promotion


Employees who are focused on their careers can have a decent idea of their upcoming management promotion. In anticipation, they should start learning from other managers by watching and sticking close to them. They can also prepare by taking on educational courses about business management.


3) Schedule Regular and Frequent Meetings


Every manager, whether experienced or fresh out of school, understands the importance of meetings. They should occur at least once a week for every direct report. The hierarchy should be well organized to allow a reasonable number of people to make reports. These meetings provide:


  • Updates of current project or task
  • Brainstorming of future goals and new ideas


4) Make the Team Successful


The main aim of every manager is to run a business while maintaining a growth pattern successfully. The success of the entire organization depends on the effort of every individual contributing. It is, therefore, good to avoid being branded the “bad boss.”


5) Listen Actively to Employees


During the weekly meetings, communication should encourage workers to talk about the organization’s good and bad. It is the best way to make improvements by listening and analyzing the negative issues mentioned.


6) Be Optimistic


During meetings and daily interactions, managers provide feedback on the operations of the business. Failure and disappointment are criticized, while success and improvement are congratulated and even rewarded. To keep employees more motivated, it is best to give out more positive feedback.




A management position for a new manager can seem like a big challenge. However, using some of the tips above can make it easier to handle.